Commercial Leasing and Space Licensing

Whether you are interested in leasing property, or renting out property you own, you need a strong advocate to insure you are well-positioned in any type of commercial leasing or space licensing agreements.

Culhane Meadows has a team of seasoned attorneys with considerable experience in drafting, negotiating and enforcement of commercial leases for office space, retail stores, industrial or warehouse space, medical facilities and other less common leasing arrangements. Our experience includes preparation of custom leases, lease amendments, assignments, subleases, landlord consents and a myriad of other lease-related documents. We represent both landlords and tenants in leasing transactions all across the globe.

Having served as in-house general counsel oroutsourced general counsel for many prominent real estate companies, our attorneys understand and appreciate the unique challenges faced by landlords in varying markets and industries. We take the time to know and understand your business with an eye towards maximizing the performance of every leasing portfolio. This begins with negotiating a comprehensive lease agreement containing sufficient landlord risk mitigation provisions. Additionally, we can assist in systematizing your leasing process, which can help decrease the gap between the initial contact and lease execution, thus reducing “down time” and legal costs. Ultimately, this results in fewer lost deals.

For commercial tenants, the lease agreement often constitutes one of, if not the largest long-term business investment. For a start-up company or entrepreneur, it can be the first third-party contract you are faced with negotiating, and a “bad lease” can make, or break, your business.  We are well-positioned to “soften” the usually one-sided legalese contained in most commercial lease forms.  In some cases, this may only entail requiring the landlord to be “reasonable”; while in others, more substantive changes may be warranted. The key is getting the most financially feasible and tenant-friendly terms as possible, while securing the space and location your business needs, or desires.

Creating a formal tenancy relationship is not always the best solution.  In some cases, you may need to only temporarily use, or share, part or all of a building, kiosk, or office space. Also, the dictates of a business, such as a film production company, may justify entering into multiple, but very temporary arrangements, for the use of facilities at specific locations.  Culhane Meadows can assist in negotiating and drafting a commercially reasonable space license or shared use agreement that will afford you the right to use the property and space you need, for the time you need it.

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