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Financial distress facing your company is not the end of the line, but you need an experienced legal team to light the path to recovery.

It can be overwhelming to know what steps to take next when facing possible insolvency. At Culhane Meadows, our business bankruptcy attorneys offer a broad range of experience that lets troubled companies start to move forward. Beginning with a thorough analysis of a corporate debtor’s goals, resources, threats and strategic alternatives, our lawyers work with corporate debtors to formulate creative solutions to current financial issues and help determine what comes next. Our insolvency attorneys assist with the evaluation of potential recapitalization, restructuring, refinancing, and sale opportunities. We work toward adopting a consensual restructuring plan to avoid or formulate an effective Chapter 11 process that achieves our client’s specified goals or, when appropriate, Chapter 7 liquidations. To find out more about our services to businesses and debtors, please visit the following pages:

Business Bankruptcy Avoidance and Insolvency Counseling

Non-bankruptcy Corporate Workouts and Reorganizations

Chapter 11 Restructuring and Reorganization

Prepackaged Bankruptcy

Bankruptcy Business Restructuring

We represent borrowers and business debtors, providing long-term counseling and developing critical institutional knowledge, enabling us to “triage” issues arising in the context of either out-of-court restructuring negotiations or the bankruptcy plan process. With a broad network of industry teams focusing on key markets (e.g., financial services, real estate, energy, municipal, hospitality, and health care), we can provide you with case-specific representation, while leveraging financial professionals and other work-out advisors. This ensures a comprehensive plan to maximize your chances of successfully emerging from bankruptcy.

A business bankruptcy reorganization filing causes significant dislocation and stress for the business and puts enormous pressure on a debtor-in-possession’s management. Practical issues such as creditor dissatisfaction, employee morale and financing of the going concern are often as important, if not more important, than the legal and reporting issues facing a Chapter 11 debtor. Businesses select us as their business bankruptcy counsel because of the firm’s extensive, broad-based legal and practical experience dealing with such issues. Among other things, our attorneys are adept at obtaining and negotiating debtor-in-possession financing packages, negotiating with pre-petition trade creditors, financial creditors and equity holders, designing and implementing employee retention programs, conducting sales of nonessential business lines, and negotiating and documenting plans of reorganization with a wide array of official creditor committees and other estate constituencies. Attorneys in our Corporate Restructuring and Bankruptcy Department have significant experience representing and reorganizing a diverse group of distressed businesses in and outside of the bankruptcy process.

Representation of debtors involves creativity, strong negotiation skills and the ability to achieve the trust and confidence of all constituencies and the court. We are proud to say that have the skills and confidence necessary to achieve our clients’ objectives.

Our Debtor Representation team appears in federal bankruptcy courts across the country armed with keen knowledge of federal law and national and local rules of procedure. In addition, our attorneys combine industry experience, litigation skills and in-depth familiarity with substantive law to aggressively pursue positive results for debtors. Our expansive knowledge of how debtor and creditor issues affect day-to-day operations and long-term business viability helps us to provide the guidance necessary for our clients to achieve their goals.

We work closely with senior management, skilled professionals and other decision makers to conduct thorough needs assessments and offer innovative solutions on how to best structure business bankruptcy reorganizations, or–if necessary–Chapter 7 liquidations.

At Culhane Meadows, we not only handle the immediate emergencies associated with bankruptcy and insolvency, but we also focus on strengthening our clients’ future positions and counsel them on how to strategically avoid crises and litigation.

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