Update Trademark Registrations to Reflect New Technology

If you have trademark registrations for technologies that are now outdated, you may be eligible to participate in a new US Trademark Office program to update your registrations. Here are some examples: – Let’s say your company makes videos, and your registrations say “videotapes
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Trademark Nominative Fair Use in an Emoji World

This article explores the history of trademark nominative fair use and the recent case filed by In-N-Out Burgers against Door Dash. It looks at whether there is potential for a shift in traditional thinking about what is allowable under fair use in light of changes in our culture and
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Picking a Powerful Trademark is Good for Business

Whether you’re naming your corporation or adding a new product, you have to go through the often-painful birthing process of finding a name that will work. One that hasn’t been taken. One that isn’t too close to another one. One that isn’t so descriptive that you can’t stop others fro
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Combatting Online Unauthorized Resellers of Your Company’s Genuine Products

Unauthorized online resellers have become a real problem for US manufacturers. They seem to be able to sell your products for less than you do. This is because they have no overhead or advertising expenses. Some have access to grey market goods—your products sold for less in
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