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An experienced patent attorney and former Patent Examiner, he helps his client identify and protect innovations in a variety of areas, including computer hardware, processor architecture, operating systems, networks, and nanotechnology.

Mr. Stachler has been a practicing attorney since 1990, applying his experience as a former patent examiner with the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office to help his clients secure patent protection for their inventions, both in the U.S. and overseas.  His practice is focused on computer hardware/software, processor architecture, semi-conductor design and fabrication, circuits and networks, operating systems, wireless systems, neural networks, and e-commerce applications.  Mr. Stachler has also worked with leading innovators in the fields of nanotechnology, lasers, fiber optics, data security and encryption, payment processing, gaming, sensor systems for unmanned aerial vehicles, GPS tracking systems, fiber optics, water treatment, remote health diagnostics, and medical devices.

In addition to preparing patent applications, Mr. Stachler’s practice includes drafting patent license agreements, providing patent strategy advice, and conducting studies for patentability, infringement, validity, product clearance, and freedom to operate.

Before law school, Mr. Stachler worked as a systems analyst and programmer, designing and implementing software systems.  Mr. Stachler also negotiated license agreements for a variety of law-related products with some of the largest publishers and database providers in the world, including government entities.

Representative Experience

  • Serves as one of the lead outside patent counsel for the research and development group of one of the world’s largest manufacturer of computer hardware and software. Counsel, draft and prosecute patents for IBM Rochester. Prosecuted patent applications related to data buffers, circuits, three-dimensional microchip stacks, microchip cooling systems, thermal interface materials, and nanofibers.
  • Represented a leading payment processing company, writing and prosecuting applications related to data security, network security, and data privacy.
  • Served as one of the lead outside patent counsel for the research and development group of one of the world’s largest manufacturer of computer hardware/software and printers/scanners. Drafted and prosecuted patents for Hewlett Packard. Prosecuted patent applications related to processor architecture, data buffers, circuits, circuit analysis software, pixel optimization circuits and software, image manipulation circuits and software, remote system analysis software, browser software, wave analysis software, program install/recover software, three-dimensional microchip stacks, code optimization software and operating systems.
  • Represented a foremost power company, writing and prosecuting applications for systems and software that provides remote monitoring of a voltage power transmission and distribution devices.
  • Represented a leading medical company, writing and prosecuting applications related to pain management.
  • Represented a software company, writing and prosecuting applications related to server/client communications.
  • Represented a leading military display company, writing and prosecuting applications related to field-programmable gate arrays (FPGAs) as graphic processors.

Interesting Facts
Bob is married to Kimberly P. Reaves, a native of Durham, North Carolina, who currently serves as a staff attorney and mediator for the Georgia State Board of Workers’ Compensation. Bob and Kim live with a standard poodle, Georgette, who is definitely “smarter than a fifth grader.” Georgette loved loves watching the Westminster Dog and Animal Planet shows. In his limited spare time, Bob enjoys golf, watching movies and taking Georgette to the dog park.

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