Orlando Lopez, Ph.D.


Email : olopez@cm.law

Toll Free: 1-844-285-4263 ext. 787

Direct : 978-394-2719

Office : Boston

Dr. Orlando Lopez concentrates on helping his clients, which range from individual inventors to large multinational corporations and universities, identify and protect their intellectual property and build their patent portfolios. He has drafted and prosecuted patent applications in diverse areas of technology such as nanotechnology, optics, quantum optics, software, business methods, telecommunications, wireless applications electronic imaging, mechanical and physical devices.

Orlando has over twenty five years of experience at various high technology companies, including Polaroid, Data General, Control Data, and Science Applications, as a technical manager, program manager, engineer and researcher. His experience spans from managing product design projects, managing complex research teams involving software, IC design, optics, mechanics and electronics to being an active researcher in areas from magnetic and optical recording and electromagnetic effects to imaging science. He has broad knowledge in a variety of engineering and physical science disciplines including physical devices, optics, software, imaging science and mechanical devices.

Orlando also spent 15 years at Polaroid Corporation as a senior principal engineer, technical manager in various divisions and as a Technical Manager (licensing) /Patent Agent for the Law and Patent Department. He drafted and prosecuted patent applications in electronic imaging, optics, software, business methods, wireless applications and physical devices, and participated in licensing inventions in optics and electronic imaging.

Selected Presentations & Publications

  • “USPTO’s Subject Matter Eligibility: A 2016 Update,” Speaker, The Knowledge Group Live Webcast, September 2016
  • “Patentability of Software Patents: Emerging Strategies for Attorneys in 2016,” Speaker, The Knowledge Group Live Webcast, February 2016
  • “Alice vs. CLS Bank: Ramifications on Computer Implemented Inventions and Business Method Patents,” Panelist, World Intellectual Property Congress, September 2015
  • “How Patent Attorneys and Other Lawyers Protect Innovation,” Speaker, UIA Biotechnology Seminar, May 2015
  • “Issues in Software Application Development Agreements,” Presenter, The Knowledge Congress Live Webcast, November 2014
  • “Overview of Patent Law Including Recent Changes Under the America Invents Act,” Speaker, Chilean Entrepreneurial Summit, October 2014
  • “Understanding the Impact of the AIA’s Patent Reform Measures,” The Impact of the Leahy-Smith America Invents Act: Leading Lawyers on Interpreting and Applying the Patent Reform Act of 2011, 2011
  • “America Invents Act – A Paradigm Shift in Patent Law,” Burns & Levinson Intellectual Update, September 2011
  • “Assignments and the Bayh-Dole Act After Stanford v. Roche,” Burns & Levinson Intellectual Property Update, July 2011
  • “U.S. and Canadian View on Legal Issues in Refilling Cartridges,” Recycling Times Magazine, January 2011
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